The Entertainer (Scott Joplin) Ragtime for flexible ensemble


A straightforward arrangement of the popular ragtime classic.


A straightforward arrangement of the popular ragtime classic.

The arrangement may be presented as a duet for Bb or C instruments with a  flexible accompaniment or as a standard quartet for brass strings or woodwind or it will also work for full concert band, brass band or orchestra!

Or even feature Percussion – Marimba & Xylophone duet with band accompaniment.
Endless possibilities as  a very generous supply of parts is as listed below covering Brass, woodwind quintet, String quartet etc.

Or for example for a standard brass quintet use Tpt 1 (Part 1 in Bb) Tpt 2 (Part 2 in Bb) Horn (Part 3 in F) Tuba & Trombone (Part 4)

List of all parts supplied in the download

Part 1 in C (Oboe, Violin 1)

Part 1 in Bb (Clarinet 1 in Bb, Trumpet 1 in Bb)

Part 2 in C (Violin 2)

Part 2 in Bb (Clarinet 2 in Bb, Trumpet 2 in Bb)

Part 3 in C (Bassoon 1, Trombone)

Part 3 in Eb (Alto Saxophone, Eb Horn)

Part 3 in F (Horn in F)

Part 3 in alto clef (Viola)

Part 3 in Bb (Tenor Saxophone, Bb Trombone (treble clef)

Part 4 in C (Cello, Double Bass, Bassoon 2, Bass Trombone)

Part 4 in Eb (Baritone Saxophone, Eb Bass Tuba (treble clef)

Part 4 in Bb (Euphonium, Bb Bass Tuba (treble clef)

Optional extra parts in C, Bb and Eb (easy)


Keyboard (accompaniment)

Full score in C

COMPOSERScott JoplinARRANGERSDavid catherwoodINSTRUMENTSWoodwind Quartet, Brass Quartet, Brass Quintet, String Quartet, Marimba, Xylophone, Concert Band, Full Orchestra, String Orchestra, Chamber Orchestra, Flexible instrumentationFORMATScore, Set of PartsGENRESJazz, Ragtime, Repertoire, AmericanaLEVELIntermediate


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