Thine be the Glory – A Hymn for Easter by Handel arranged for Flexible Ensemble


A Hymn for Easter by Handel arranged for Flexible Ensemble.


A straightforward arrangement suitable for young players but equally effective when performed by experienced players.

The arrangement allows for a great deal of flexibility in
presentation and will sound complete with as few as four players yet the scoring allows for expansion up to a full symphonic orchestra, concert band or brass band

As with all music available from Opus 3 Music this arrangement has been well tried and tested in performance – In this case by the Campbell College Orchestra.

A full set contains a score and a set of parts (with permission
to copy to suit your own requirements) for the following instruments:

Part 1 in C (Oboe 1, Violin 1)

Part 1 in C (Flute)

Part 1 in Bb (Clarinet 1 in Bb, Trumpet/Cornet 1 in Bb)

Part 2 in C (Oboe 2, Violin 2)

Part 2 in Bb (Clarinet 2 in Bb, Trumpet/Cornet 2 in Bb)

Part 2 in Eb (Ato Saxophone, Eb Horn)

Part 3 in C (Bassoon 1, Trombone)

Part 3 in Eb (Alto Saxophone, Eb Horn)

Part 3 in F (Horn in F)

Part 3 in alto clef (Viola)

Part 3 in Bb (Tenor Saxophone, Bb Trombone/Baritone (treble clef)

Part 4 in C (Cello, Double Bass, Bassoon 2, Bass Trombone)

Part 4 in Eb (Baritone Saxophone, Eb Bass Tuba (treble clef)

Part 4 in Bb (Euphonium, Bb Bass Tuba (treble clef)




ARRANGERS: David Catherwood

INSTRUMENTS: Woodwind Quartet, Brass Quartet, String Quartet, Concert Band, Full Orchestra, Flexible Instrumentation

FORMAT: Score, Set of Parts

GENRES: Baroque Period, General Worship, European, Easter

LEVEL: Early, Intermediate


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