Music for Orchestra, Band, Choir and Ensembles arranged by David Catherwood

Arrangements suitable for school bands, orchestras and ensembles.

Key Points

  • FLEXIBILITY in presentation – will sound complete with as few as four players 
  • GENEROUS SUPPLY OF PARTS  – scoring allows for expansion up to a full symphonic orchestra.
  • TRIED and TESTED in performance – In this case by the Campbell College Orchestra where this orchestra of around forty players have used these arrangements regularly
  • USEFUL for Concerts, Services, Open Days
  • EXAM ensemble work – the flexibility is perfect as it is often difficult to find ensembles for the particular group of instrumentalists in an EXAM class. 

Arrangements generally come with parts as follows

Score in C
Part 1 in C (Flute, Oboe 1, Violin 1)
Part 1 in Bb (Clarinet 1 in Bb, Trumpet/Cornet 1 in Bb)
Part 2 in C (Oboe 2, Violin 2)
Part 2 in Eb (Alto Saxophone, Eb Horn 1)
Part 2 in F (Horn in F)
Part 2 in Bb (Clarinet 2 in Bb, Trumpet/Cornet 2 in Bb)
Part 3 in C (Bassoon 1, Trombone)
Part 3 in Eb (Alto Saxophone, Eb Horn 2)
Part 3 in F (Horn in F)
Part 3 in alto clef (Viola)
Part 3 in Bb (Tenor Saxophone, Bb Trombone/Baritone (treble clef)
Part 4 in C (Cello, Double Bass, Bassoon 2, Bass Trombone)
Part 4 in Eb (Baritone Saxophone, Eb Bass Tuba (treble clef)
Part 4 in Bb (Euphonium, Bb Bass Tuba (treble clef)